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I remember during childhood the anticipation of Halloween. The energy was always high and fun. Painted faces, colorful clothing, glistening eye lashes, swords, wings, and ALL sorts of contraptions needed to accessorize your outfit were in full sight.
There was nothing like getting dressed up for a night of fun, pranks and FREE CANDY!
Even as an adult, I dare to say, I love seeing the children in their costumes ready to brave the dark night in search of treats galore. I still find it quite the treat myself, in lieu of candy, to watch the youngsters having fun.
Halloween has its traditions, downsides and people have opinions about the holiday and what it means…But, for a child, they don’t consider any of that. To a child, it’s about getting dressed up and making their way from house to house in their best costumes!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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